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Analyzing My TBR with ArcGIS!

Have you ever wanted to map out your reading plans for the next month, only to find that spreadsheets or journals are just not enough to keep you on track? Try MAPPING YOUR SHELVES! Using ArcGIS, you can digitize your shelves!

See? Here I’ve highlighted two of my many, many shelves to show how many books there are to be read. I quickly realized that all of those books would be dozens of tiny little squares, so I instead highlighted the ones I have read from them, as shown below:

I’ve read so few of these, and so few of all of the books on my shelves, if I’m honest. 😅

I also highlighted my Nook Paperwhite, because I have a few books on there, but I’ve read them all.

SO, the cool thing about using ArcGIS to map a couple of my shelves is that I learned about ways of digitizing any image to show attributes that are pictured. Sure, I used it to list a few books that I’ve read, but it can also be used to catalogue zones of your property, or regions of your state, or buildings in town, or any purpose that requires data organization. It’s so multifunctional and it was fun to do!

Now to get into reading some of these missed books…

This post meets the requirements of Assignment 9 from Spring 2021 ESS302 class at Drew University.

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