Geographic Information Systems

The Air We Breathe

This set of graphs looks at two different metrics of air pollution in New Jersey. Specifically, I looked at the total cancer risk based on air quality, as well as the concentration of point source exposure, which are typically pollutants from industrial facilities such as coke ovens for the steel industry, large waste incinerators and refineries, and smaller sources such as dry cleaners.

The darker the color, the higher the concentration.

The second metric that is represented here is schools that are located in the areas of highest exposure risk. There is some overlap between the maps, where schools are at risk from both factors, but the point source exposure wound up having a higher concentration in the northwest region of the state. This makes sense if you consider the state of infrastructure in this region of the state, as businesses leave the area.

This post meets the requirements of assignment 8 from ESS302 at Drew University.

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