Geographic Information Systems

These are a Few of My Favorite Places

This week’s project asked us to look at finding and using orthophotography data sources to display aerial images of areas of our choice. So I chose to showcase my town and one of my favorite places by looking as two different parks.

A park in my town that’s good for short walks, and the park where I got married in 2014. 🙂

I chose to look at the map data for Modick Park in my town, in both a regular aerial view and an infrared view. Then, to view something from a different state, I looked at the park where I got marries in 2014. Accessing data from out-of-state was difficult (I couldn’t get downloads to work no matter where I tried to access them) so I wound up using a baselayer from the ArcGIS program to give the aerial view because I really wanted to find this view of Columcille Megalith Park. I got married in the circle of stones pictured above!

This post meets the requirements for Assignment 4 for ESS302 Spring 2021 at Drew University.

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