photo of person holding book

Hello Internet!

I’m Dorothy. I am a student at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. What started as an assignment for class has quickly dissolved into an opportunity for me to FINALLY develop my book blog and extend my love of reading further into the world.

Here’s me:

I’m a non-traditional student who returned to school after several years living in the ‘real’ world. My life experiences while out of school ultimately led me to realize that there are changes needed… everywhere. So in my own capacity I am working to improve myself and trying to spread knowledge with those around me. I ultimately plan to teach middle grades science and to help instill a love of learning in my future students.

What will this blog be?

Aside from a hot mess while I learn how to internet, my hopes are for this blog to showcase all of the things I love to read. I use Instagram to blog about books I’m currently reading (shameless plug for @professor_helmken_reads), but I hope to be able to post lasting reviews and have conversations about books that really affect me here. Right now, this page will be geared towards my school assignments for which the page was originally created, but as it grows I hope it can show a variety of different books. I’d like to show that you can love all sorts of different genres and read for a variety of reasons, learning something from everything and still managing to enjoy the process.

I’ll update this as I see fit going forward, but for now, happy reading! 🙂

We’re gonna have LOTS to talk about. 🤷‍♀️